EDIT: Apparently I’ve been nominated for Standout Triple A Dev as well. So you can vote for me twice!

So someone decided to nominate me for the 2021 GameHERs awards.

I am of course honoured beyond words, and it’s been a nice break in the pretty awful autumn I’ve had so far. There are many, many, many exceptional individuals in the category I’ve been nominated for, Game Designer of the Year. Just being nominated is an honor, and whoever decided to do this I am deeply grateful and definitely very humbled. I’m pretty sure that I don’t stand a chance in this competition, but it doesn’t really matter. Just being nominated made my day.

If you’d like to read more, there’s a website outlining what the GameHers is about. Voting is open, so if you’d line to vote, you’ll find that information here. I’m listed as devilkitten, but as I said, there are many competing for the title, and a lot of them more qualified than I am, I’m sure.

Regardless of what happens, I’ll still continue writing about the industry, about the challenges we face and about how we can improve it.