I just watched a segment of Last Week Tonight*, where John Oliver brings up the harassment towards women on the internet. Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian make a guest appearance and the comments section is what you’d expect. “These women only want attention”, “Sarkeesian is only after money”, you name it. It’s a funny clip, but also very depressing. Is it fair that women live in fear because men harbor such hate towards us speaking our minds?

The attempt to discredit these women in gaming is not only horrifying and ongoing, but it remains just as vitriolic and awful as ever. GamerGate did a good job indoctrinating its little minions into thinking that there is actually anyone out there who would put themselves through this kind of ordeal just for… what? Money? “Fame”? The truth is that there is a still ongoing campaign of hate towards women who dare to speak up against the status quo.

It’s all about ethics in gaming journalism. And controlling women through fear.

* Thank you to Geek Women Unite on Facebook for the video tip.