I’ve been going through the 720 posts on discordia and I’ve put together a ”best of” list. These are 15 posts that I think represent the blog and the contents on the blog in a good way.

1. Hur förväntningar spelar in – Expectations on women to participate in gaming circles
2. And the nominees are… – Why crafting can’t be a part of gaming culture. When women do it.
3. Le Cadavre Exquis – surrealist gameplay to make your brain unhinged
4. Fredagsregler – Killer – I’ve posted a series of game rules on the blog, this is for the pseudo-rpg Killer
5. Spel som tröstar – games as a survival strategy
6. Stackato – a zombie adventure for Dead Reign
7. The Love of the Game – why women actually want to make games. And why some men will misrepresent just about everything
8. Wimmin are iiivil (or peeenk) – remixed – a long look at women as sexualised objects in culture
9. Länkar – how we seem to be losing respect for one another on the internet
10. Det är skillnad på sex och sex – sex and relationships in games
11. Woman King – why it should be okay to use women as cannon fodder as well
12. Mass Effect – Emotional connectedness – emotional connectedness in Mass Effect
13. What’s up with Wikus? – a study of Jaws and District 9
14. Cmdr Shepard och ensamheten – a look at the humanity of Cmdr Shepard
15. Debrief – DAO vs ME & ME2 – relationships in the games Mass Effect and Dragon Age

I’m sure there are others that would serve equally well. Do you have any favorites?