Dear ratings troll. I noted that you spent much of the first of June to go through all my blog posts and add a 1 rating on them. I know this, because the time stamps on the ratings are very close together in time. I’m especially impressed by the fact that you either asked your friends to downvote some of the more popular posts or spent a lot of time setting up different IP addresses to accomplish this. I’m flattered that you think my posts are so important that they warrant this kind of attention, but I can assure you, they’re not.

You show an impressive amount of passive aggression. Also a huge lack of creativity as to what to do with the time you spend passive aggressively stalking me on the internet. I have a better suggestion for you.

Do something fun.

Write your own blog posts to refute the ones you take such issue with that you recruited sixteen friends to downvote them (alternately found sixteen different IP addresses to post from). If you lack the ability to express yourself coherently in writing (which I frankly suspect is the case – why would you otherwise feel the need to not only downvote once, but to find friends to downvote for you?) you can always learn origami, and fold your opinions in paper. Origami is very creative and it doesn’t require that much skill to do a nice paper dove. Or a fish. You should probably stay away from the more advanced shapes or you might wish you were able to downvote the paper too. Paper crumples nicely though, which would hypothetically give you a more active way to express your aggression.

If you’re not skilled with paper, perhaps take up beading or embroidery? Both are more fun than being passive aggressive, I promise. Although, I must admit I have been known to swear over particularly complicated beadwork I’ve done, so maybe not?

Perhaps play a game? You obviously have at least sixteen friends (or IP addresses), so why not enjoy a game of Overwatch or League of Legends? Maybe you could try a board game? That way you can talk to your friends and vent why you think my blog posts are so awful that they deserve 1 ratings across the board. Perhaps your friends could help you develop your ability to express yourself in other ways than just pressing a button to show why you disagree?

Personally, if I find that I don’t agree with someone over pure matters of opinion, I usually don’t care. If I disagree with someone over facts, I will resort to blogging. If it’s not that serious, not even that. If I’m really angry, I take a step back, do something fun and return when my head is clear and my emotions have calmed down. Dear ratings troll, I think you should do too. Or at least realise that there are SO many other things you could do with your time than set 1 ratings on a relatively unknown blog that only a handful of people read.

Dear ratings troll. I’m sorry to remove the source of your passive aggressive “fun”, but I’m doing it for your sake. Please find something more productive to do with your time.

Like origami.

Or play a game.