In Mass Effect 3 the Reaper invasion is happening full force, something Cmdr Shepard has warned the Alliance and the Council, two major forces in intergalactic politics, about since the first game. They’re attaching and they’re using the populations on the worlds they destroy against itself by having it transformed.

One of the most powerful enemies in game brings that horrible transformation into focus. Yes, again, the enemy is problematic, but the introduction is masterful.

I had to divide the video into several, so here’s the first one – the foreshadowing of what’s to come. This is not something you’ll hear automatically. You have to find the Asari talking about traumatic experiences and why she doesn’t want to shower or be near humans, and then you have to listen for a bit. And when Lessus happens, it’s like that moment in the Blair Witch Project.

The second video is arriving at Lesuss. The plot thickens.

The third is the team making their way through the monastery and finally meeting the mysterious enemies that frankly scared the pants off me the first time I encountered them, because one second they’re in one end of the arena and the next they’re close enough to impale you.