In GreedFall, there’s a moment that has stayed with me, because it is such a poignant comment on how women – competent women – are treated.

Mr. De Courcillion discusses Lady Morange with De Sardet, and what comes out of that discussion is that a brilliant woman has been replaced by an inexperienced man. Not because there was a need to replace her – except possibly for fear of her power growing – but because the inexperienced man needed a learning opportunity. 1

When we talk about diversity and inclusion, sometimes the argument that marginalised groups are allowed into a company solely because they are marginalised is made. That individuals belonging to these groups are given preferential treatment, just because they’re marginalised.

All too often I would argue that the opposite is true. White cis men are given far more opportunities, not based on competency, but on the nature of their sex, gender and skin color.

Lady Morange was the obvious choice to govern Tír Fradí, but she’s a woman, and so she’s replaced by an inexperienced man.

  1. I have a lot more to say on this topic, so stay tuned for future blog posts, especially since this one hits very close to home…